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House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast with Julia Ayala Harris

Hosted ByJulia Ayala Harris

"House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast" is your go-to resource for staying informed, engaged, and connected with the ongoing developments within the General Convention and its interim bodies.

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Tune in to this public policy podcast to explore critical issues in federal legislation and policy, best practices for advocacy, and more, all aimed at equipping you for action through the Episcopal Public Policy Network.

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Hosted ByThe Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Jerusalem Greer, and Brian Sellers-Petersen

Our first episode introduces our podcast and co-hosts. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Episcopal Bishop of Indianapolis; Jerusalem Greer Staff Officer for Evangelism to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church; and Brian Sellers-Petersen, Agrarian Missioner in the Diocese of Olympia and Coordinator of Good News Gardens.

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Prophetic Voices: Preaching and Teaching Beloved Community

Across our church and our society, we are having profound dialogues about race, truth, justice, and healing. Coming this Advent, Prophetic Voices: Preaching and Teaching Beloved Community explores where that dialogue intersects with our faith. Join us and our invited guests as we share prophetic voices and explore the readings for each week of Advent and Christmas Day through the…

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Radical Love Live

Hosted ByMark Dilcom & Kelly Wilson

In-depth conversations exploring human spirituality "outside the boxes," beyond ideology and institutions. Hosts Mark Dilcom and Kelly Wilson talk about new issues in this nonjudgmental space and engage with thinkers about what spirituality means in the 21st century. In addition to the podcast, RLL also hosts a monthly live event series featuring conversation, music, and spiritual practice--for more information, visit…

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The Good Book Club – Forward Movement

Welcome to the Good Book Club podcast, part of a worldwide initiative to get people reading their Bible and exploring the Word of God together. This season, between Easter and Pentecost 2020, we’re reading the Gospel of Matthew. Find the full list of daily readings and more ways to learn and connect at

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Hometown – Episcopal Migration Ministries

Hosted ByJanet Morford and Kendall Martin

A Podcast from Episcopal Migration Ministries The Hometown podcast features interviews with people resettled to the U.S. as refugees, history and background on refugee-producing countries, interviews with authors, and spiritual reflections from lay and clergy across the Church. In addition, in-between season episodes include advocacy and policy updates, webinar recordings, and opportunities to get involved in the ministry of welcome.

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Habits of Grace

Hosted ByThe Most Rev. Michael Curry

LIMITED SERIES - As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the COVID-19 coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing social distancing, we invite you to join Presiding Bishop Michael Curry each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted…

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Sermons That Work

Hosted ByChristopher Sikkema

For more than 20 years, Sermons That Work, a ministry of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Communication, has provided free sermons, Bible studies, bulletin inserts, and other resources that speak to congregations across the Church. Our writers and readers come from numerous and varied backgrounds, and the resources we provide are used in small house churches, sprawling cathedrals, and everything…

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The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry

Hosted ByThe Most Rev. Michael Curry

This podcast offers ways to engage with the Way of Love, The Episcopal Church’s intentional commitment to practicing faith by following Jesus. Hear stories and get practical advice from Bishop Michael Curry and others who are putting the Way of Love practices (Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest) into action.

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