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The Hometown podcast features interviews with people resettled to the U.S. as refugees, history and background on refugee-producing countries, interviews with authors, and spiritual reflections from lay and clergy across the Church. In addition, in-between season episodes include advocacy and policy updates, webinar recordings, and opportunities to get involved in the ministry of welcome.

Station 2: Jesus takes up his Cross

Hometown: EMM
Hometown: EMM
Station 2: Jesus takes up his Cross

Today’s reflection on Station 2, Jesus takes up his Cross, comes from Rushad Thomas. A native of Central Florida, Mr. Thomas brings a passion for the Gospel of Welcome to his role as OGR’s Policy Advisor for migration issues. A member of the Episcopal Church since November 2013, Rushad currently attends St. Monica and St. James Church on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for joining EMM as we journey through the Stations of the Cross. We will release written and audio reflections on each station of the cross weekly on Wednesdays, through April 1, and then shift to a daily release through Good Friday. We will release a digital download booklet, Reflections on Stations of the Cross, on March 12. To receive the daily written reflections and request a copy of the booklet, visit episcopalmigrationministries.org/stations20.

Hometown is a podcast from Episcopal Migration Ministries.

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