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The Hometown podcast features interviews with people resettled to the U.S. as refugees, history and background on refugee-producing countries, interviews with authors, and spiritual reflections from lay and clergy across the Church. In addition, in-between season episodes include advocacy and policy updates, webinar recordings, and opportunities to get involved in the ministry of welcome.

In Between

Hometown: EMM
Hometown: EMM
In Between

Hi there, Hometown listeners! Allison and Kendall are back for a short mid-season pod episode – to give you updates on what’s happening with the refugee resettlement program and to share some opportunities to join EMM.

Presidential Determination
First, we discuss the presidential determination, which is the number, set annually by the president, of refugees allowed to be admitted to the country through the US Refugee Admissions Program. If you’ve been following the news, you know that refugee arrivals to the US have dropped precipitously in the last year. We discuss that, the history of refugee arrivals, and how we must all speak out to advocate for refugees and the resettlement program.

We suggest going back and listening to previous episodes for context:

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Episode 2, “Where is Home?”
Episode 5, “Lost and Found”

We encourage you to get involved in the act of changing hearts and minds. Visit advocacy.episcopalchurch.org.

Check out resources from the Episcopalians Vote! campaign.
“Voting and participation in our government is a way of participating in our common life and that is a Christian obligation.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Register to vote! https://vote.gov/
Be an informed voter! http://www.rockthevote.org/voting-information/
Vote! https://www.rockthevote.org/voting-information/find-your-polling-place/
Mobilize! https://cqrcengage.com/episcopal/file/HNslHve2uJc/VoteFaithfully_Toolkit%202018.pdf
Join Lawyers and Collars! http://lawyersandcollars.org/
Engage your faith community using the Vote Faithfully Toolkit 2018!https://cqrcengage.com/episcopal/file/HNslHve2uJc/VoteFaithfully_Toolkit%202018.pdf

Order #VoteFaithfully stickers! Send a quick message to eppn@episcopalchurch.org.

Love God, Love Neighbor
Join us for the final Love God, Love Neighbor training of 2018. Love God, Love Neighbor is a three-day training that equips participants to be advocates, allies, and ambassadors for refugees and the ministry of refugee resettlement. The training provides an in-depth exploration of the global displacement crisis, US refugee policy, the refugee resettlement process, faith-based advocacy for refugees, and organizing to welcome and support refugees in your home community.

Join us October 11-13, 2018 at Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville, Kentucky. To learn more and register visit bit.ly/LGLNLOU

Support EMM
Join in the work of welcome by making a donation to Episcopal Migration Ministries. No gift is too small, and all are put to use to welcome our newest neighbors. Visit www.episcopalmigrationministries.org/give or text HOMETOWN to 91999.

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Stay tuned for season two of Hometown!