Connecting to a Life in Community with Jen Hatmaker

In this episode of the Way of Love podcast, Bishop Curry catches up with the one and only Jen Hatmaker, New York Times-bestselling author, host of the For the Love podcast, and leader of a tightly knit online community where she reaches millions of people every week. 

They discuss Jen’s newest book, Feed These People: Slam-Dunk Recipes for Your Crew, and how meals connect us to life in community. 

They also discuss the importance of telling the truth about American history–and how we can look out and advocate for folks who are being targeted right now, especially our LGBTQ family members. 

After the Episode

Learn more about the Way of Love and creating your own rule of life based around the practices of Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest.

Check out Jen Hatmaker’s book, Feed These People, online or at your favorite independent bookstore, and visit Jen online at