Being a Blessing with Adrian Dannhauser

In this episode, Bishop Curry talks with the Rev. Adrian Dannhauser, priest in charge at Church of the Incarnation in Manhattan and author of the new book, Ask Me for a Blessing: (You Know You Need One)

Every Tuesday, Rev. Dannhauser stands outside her church in New York City with a sign that says: “Ask me for a blessing (because God knows you need one). The incredible stories of how New Yorkers responded populate her both her book–and this conversation with Bishop Curry. 

The two explore what giving and receiving blessings really means, and how curiosity is our best friend when we are doing the work of evangelism. They discuss how spiritual and religious practices draw us closer to God and to one another and the importance of proclaiming the Good News by going out into the streets like Jesus did. 

After the Podcast

Learn more about the Way of Love and creating your own rule of life based around the practices of Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. 

Check out Adrian’s new book, Ask Me for a Blessing: (You Know You Need One)  online or at your favorite independent bookstore

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