The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry

Hosted BySandy Milien & The Most Rev. Michael Curry

This podcast offers ways to engage with the Way of Love, The Episcopal Church’s intentional commitment to practicing faith by following Jesus. Hear stories and get practical advice from Bishop Michael Curry and others who are putting the Way of Love practices (Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest) into action.

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Mutual Blessing Through Presence & Relationships

If we were to distill the essence of the Christian faith, we would always come back to the reality of love – not as a sentimental feeling or a sugary concept- but as a disciplined and spiritual way of life.

Introducing “The Way of Love Beyond the Church Walls”

Join Bishop Michael Curry of The Episcopal Church as he guides us along the practices of the Way of Love: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest – and how we can use them beyond the church walls.

Bonus – Bishop Curry & Sandy at EJE

Bishop Curry and Sandy recently attended a special youth event in Panama. They discuss their experience, and Sandy shares stories from participants.

Bonus – Complete Bishop Curry sermon

Bishop Curry preaches about the Way of Love to participants in an Episcopal Church meeting on Asiamerica Ministries

Bonus – Reflecting on Season 1

Sandy and Kyle reflect on sharing their experiences with the Way of Love practices in Season 1

Go – Doing our best to live like Jesus

Bishop Curry teaches about where the rubber meets the road, explaining how we can take all we’ve learned about the Way of Love and put it into action.

Turn – Learning to live unselfishly

On the Way of Love, we turn ourselves toward God like a flower setting its face toward the sun.

Bless – Sharing & listening to stories of life

When we practice blessing, we walk with others, listening to and sharing stories, journeying into a deeper relationship with the living God we have known in Jesus Christ.

Learn – “Letting the Word master us”

By becoming familiar with the stories and insights of scripture, we are better able to see God’s story unfolding all around us.