Radical Love Live

Hosted ByMark Dilcom & Kelly Wilson

In-depth conversations exploring human spirituality "outside the boxes," beyond ideology and institutions. Hosts Mark Dilcom and Kelly Wilson talk about new issues in this nonjudgmental space and engage with thinkers about what spirituality means in the 21st century. In addition to the podcast, RLL also hosts a monthly live event series featuring conversation, music, and spiritual practice--for more information, visit www.radicallove.live. [Views expressed here are solely those of the Radical Love Live team and our guests.]

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“The Day After”: A spirited follow up discussion with David Gungor, Maria French, and John Thatamanil

The day after our premiere live event, we reflect on last night and our visions of the future of spirituality

PREMIERE EVENT of Live Series: “Crisis/Change” feat. Maria French, John Thatamanil, & the Brilliance

“Unchurched”: Hurt, Honesty, and Finding Home

Looking at the reasons that keep some people–even those with faith–away from spiritual institutions

The concept of “Interspirituality”

Exploring spiritual differences, commonalities, incomprehensibility, and the potential for coexistence

Crisis, Change, and Today’s Religious Landscape

What the data says about declining religious affiliation, the growth of the “nones,” and the reasons why people are struggling with religious institutions

On Dualism: The good, the bad, and the other

We discuss what dualism is, it’s impact on our ideas of who is in and who is out, and what is beyond dualism

What is the future of spirituality? A focus group discussion

Results from a focus group with a group of friends and neighbors with a range of spiritual experiences

Meet the hosts of Radical Love Live

Mark and Kelly tell their stories and what inspired them to start Radical Love Live

Introducing Radical Love Live

About the live series and podcast about the future of spirituality, based at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC