Welcoming Afghans: EMM’s Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Hometown: EMM
Hometown: EMM
Welcoming Afghans: EMM's Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Today’s episode features a recording from the Thursday, Jan. 20th webinar hosted by EMM called: “Welcoming Afghans: EMM’s Neighbor to Neighbor Program”, where we join with Fr. Chris McNabb, Program Manager of our new Neighbor to Neighbor program, along with Beth Frank, program director of the Community Sponsorship Hub’s Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans, and Brian Dyck, national migration and resettlement program director, from the Mennonite Central Committee Canada to discuss this monumental joining of efforts to create communities of welcome through sponsorship for our newest Afghan neighbors, and to introduce EMM’s new Neighbor to Neighbor initiative. episcopalmigrationministries.org/neighbortoneighbor

Our Neighbor to Neighbor program is now an official Sponsor Circle Umbrella under the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans! **We are in urgent need of sponsor circles to support the move of Afghan newcomers off of bases and into welcoming communities in the coming weeks. You can play a critical role. To learn how you can be a community sponsor, visit https://dfms.formstack.com/forms/initial_congregation_interest_form

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