Radical Love Live

Hosted ByMark Dilcom & Kelly Wilson

In-depth conversations exploring human spirituality "outside the boxes," beyond ideology and institutions. Hosts Mark Dilcom and Kelly Wilson talk about new issues in this nonjudgmental space and engage with thinkers about what spirituality means in the 21st century. In addition to the podcast, RLL also hosts a monthly live event series featuring conversation, music, and spiritual practice--for more information, visit www.radicallove.live. [Views expressed here are solely those of the Radical Love Live team and our guests.]

Live Event #2: “Marginalization/Wilderness” w’ Alicia Crosby, Jonathan Merritt, Tash Neal, Jamet Pittman

The 2nd event in our live series featured discussion, music, and spiritual practice around the theme of “Marginalization and Wilderness.” Our guests included educator and activist Alicia T Crosby, author and journalist Jonathan Merritt, soprano Jamet Pittman, and guitarist/singer/songwriter Tash Neal, as well as co-creators Mark Dilcom and Kelly Wilson. For more information on Radical Love Live, visit our website at www.radicallove.live