Advent 1: Preaching Mark 13:24-37 and Isaiah 64:1-9

In this first episode of Prophetic Voices: Preaching and Teaching Beloved Community, we speak with Episcopalians committed to the Beloved Community about the lectionary texts for Advent 1 (B). The texts covered in this episode are Mark 13:24-37 and Isaiah 64:1-9. Our guests this week are:

  • Dr. Sandra Montes, a singer, speaker, and writer who loves exploring her indigenous and Latina roots. She recently published Becoming REAL and Thriving in Ministry.
  • The Rev. Kevin Antonio (KA) Smallwood, Associate Rector for Families, Children, and Youth at Grace Episcopal Church in Silver Spring, Md. When he’s not praying, he’s dancing to the rhythm of the beat for the tri-fold benefit of resisting the “isms,” self-care, and sharing the love!
  • The Rev. Daniel Pinell, Associate Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Ocala, Florida. Before seminary, he was an immigrant rights community organizer in Oakland, Calif., where he organized clergy for the welcome of immigrants and refugees in this nation.

Prophetic Voices is hosted by the Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg, The Episcopal Church’s staff officer for Racial Reconciliation. For more information on Becoming Beloved Community, visit